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GOAL: £10,000.00

Left Legal Fighting Fund

The imbalance of power that exists between those with money and those without has allowed the legal system to be weaponised and misused to silence activists. As a result, many people on the Left have been unable to pursue legal action to enforce their rights or to pay for lawyers to defend themselves from malicious attacks.

It is time to redress this imbalance by coming together to finance a central legal fund for left-wing activists. That is why we have created the Left Legal Fighting Fund (LLFF).

Beginning with a crowdfunder for Chris Williamson’s successful legal case against the Labour Party in 2019, which raised over £60,000, the LLFF has been helping several activists through using the costs that were recovered from the party.

To secure funding for the medium and long term, we are asking you to consider making a one-off or monthly donation so that we can continue helping activists with their cases.

Our legal action so far has been both proactive and defensive, assisting activists who otherwise would have been left in financial ruin or placed in ongoing legal difficulties by powerful and well-financed people and interest groups.

All of these cases are still ongoing. We intend to release more detailed, anonymised information when these cases have reached a conclusion so that you can truly understand how your donations are making a difference.

Please donate to the LLFF today to help activists who have been maliciously smeared and harassed. Together, and with solidarity, we can begin to turn back the tide.

IMPORTANT: Before donating, please ensure you have read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.