Endorsements - Left Legal Fighting Fund

The Left Legal Fighting Fund (LLFF) is already helping activists.



Former Labour Parliamentary Candidate

“The LLFF has been invaluable in helping me to secure justice after the Labour Party unfairly suspended me for highlighting the brutal oppression Israel is inflicting in Gaza where I was born and grew up. As someone who has witnessed routine persecution by the Israeli Defence Force on a daily basis, I feel it is my duty to speak out. So I was flabbergasted when the Labour Party tried to silence me. The LLFF is therefore an important champion of free speech on Palestine.”


Founder, Abolish Eton

“The LLFF is a vital source of practical solidarity for the British Left. Legal tactics continue to be deployed in an attempt to silence socialists and chill free speech, particularly on issues relating to Palestinian rights and Zionism. The huge costs associated with legal disputes too often favours the already wealthy and powerful, but the LLFF has been strategically and successfully using its resources to lead this vital fightback. Socialists everywhere must support the LLFF to ensure its important work can continue.”


Editor-in-Chief, The Canary

“The LLFF has been instrumental in protecting us as independent journalists. One of the biggest threats to small, independent outlets is wealthy groups using vexatious lawsuits to stifle fair criticism. At a time when independent journalists are almost alone in holding power to account, this support becomes all the more essential. Knowing the Left Legal Fighting Fund has our back means we can do our jobs, and efforts to intimidate us can be neutralised. This is a game changer.”