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Thank you for your support and your donations. You helped Chris win in the High Court – a victory without precedent. It proved that his re-suspension by the Party was the result of capitulation to media pressure and therefore illegal. Unfortunately, this was not taken into account by Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) when they decided a week ago to prevent Chris from standing as the Labour candidate in Derby North.

Instead of Chris, who was elected twice on a socialist platform in one of the country’s most marginal seats and who has twice served as leader of Derby Council, the NEC has selected a relatively unknown candidate who doesn’t live in the constituency and supported Owen Smith in the coup attempt against Jeremy Corbyn.

This is electoral suicide to please the Party’s enemies. Only Chris has the decades of experience, the local track record and the support base to win Derby North and help Jeremy Corbyn to implement Labour's programme for government. Instead, the Party has chosen to risk a key marginal falling into the hands of the Tories in the most important election in our lifetime.

We need socialist MPs in Parliament. Even if Labour wins a majority, there will not be a socialist majority. This means key legislation to transform our country could be blocked by wreckers who wear Labour colours. Candidate shortlisting by the NEC has worsened this problem. Many of the most dedicated socialist candidates have been struck off shortlists to please Labour’s foes. Jeremy needs allies in Parliament, not more backbench wreckers.

That’s why Chris is standing as an independent. The election in Derby North will be very close – split between four or possibly five candidates. Chris needs your support. There are three ways you can help: phonebanking, canvassing in Derby North and donating to the campaign fund.

Phonebanking: If you aren’t able to join us in Derby North, or if you’re worried about your Labour Party membership, you can help by canvassing local constituents on the phone. Don’t worry if you’ve never done this before – we’ll show you how and guide you through the process. All we need is your time.

Canvassing: Chris will be posting canvassing times, dates and locations regularly on his Twitter and Facebook pages and we will send you emails to let you know about them. Don’t worry if it’s your first time – we’ll show you how! Click Join and enter your email address to hear about our exciting doorstep sessions.

Donate: If you can’t join us on the campaign trail or even if you can, you can donate towards the £13,000 costs of fighting this election. We’re relying on you – our whole campaign is supporter-funded. Donate to help us keep the Tories out and send Chris back to Parliament.

If you donated to the legal crowdfunder that helped Chris win in the High Court – thank you! When the court has decided on costs, we will update you with the result and let you know how your donation will continue to help comrades who have been smeared and attacked.

Capitulation is complicity. Solidarity is sacred.